I know a lot of my workouts require little or no equipment, but if you’re going to get serious about working out at home or in the great outdoors there are a few key pieces of equipment that could be invaluable and should be in your Fit Kit – and the beauty of it is that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

You can get some great fitness basics from most discount department stores, like Big W, K-Mart and now even Aldi have jumped on the fitness bandwagon. So what pieces should you add to your own Home Fit Kit?

  • Medicine Ball/s – 2Kg and maybe a 4 Kg
  • Kettle Bell/s – 3 Kg and maybe a 5 Kg
  • Yoga Mat
  • Pilates Ball – a small soft ball that you can squeeze between your thighs, ankles, knee etc
  • Aerobic Step – think 1980’s Step classes. If you have 2 you can stack them
  • Light Hand Weights (Dumbells) – I love my set of 1 Kg, 3 Kg and 5 Kg (on their own stand)
  • Resistance Bands – low resistance for beginners, medium to high resistance for more advanced
  • Pull Up Bar

If you’re looking at creating or adding to your existing Fit Kit, these are the items I’d be looking at, and as I said it doesn’t have to cost you your first born child 😉

Of course there’s LOTS of optional extra’s, and one of my favourites is a Suspension Kit which gives you a phenomenal body weight workout, packs into a neat little carry bag that you can take anywhere and can be attached to any stable post, tree – even a doorway.


So now there’s really no excuse not to be able to train in your own time, on your terms with just a few key pieces to add impact to your workout.

Happy shopping, and happy training ladies!

~ Cherene x

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