Over the last several years I’ve dreamed of leading a simpler life! But how do you just throw out everything, give up everything and walk away from everything that IS your life? It is these questions that has stopped me in my tracks, and so my dream of a simpler life remained just that – A DREAM…until one single event changed my life and the world I knew forever and something just had to give!

Firstly, let’s just clarify what leading the simple life actually entails (in my dream anyway). It’s not about walking away from everything and moving to a deserted island somewhere – no, no, NO! As much as love the sun, sand and water, this is not what I have in mind. My dream for a simple life is…

Simple Life Manifesto

– and in particular – Stress Less, Feel Blessed, Love More and Breathe really appeal to me. These are the areas of my life that for far too long have been lacking!

So here’s the thing! We all have choices in life, and one of these choices is the choice to make change, however that one word “change” conjures up a sense of fear in many people. Fear of stepping out of their “comfort” zone and fear of the unknown.

There are 2 kinds of change – forced change (the kind of change that you have no control over) and choice change (the kind where you make a conscious choice to make a change). For many/most of us, forced change is the one to be most fearful of…especially for those of us who are control freaks. Things that you thought you were in control of, are suddenly out of control and you find yourself on some wild roller coaster ride to God knows where! On the other side of the coin making a choice to change, it is often a more positive and proactive, carefully thought out plan with a set goal/destination. People who are truly fearful of change still tend to avoid making choices like this as it is the “C” word that troubles them most – CHANGE! They second guess themselves, do not believe in themselves or their dreams and sabotage any chance they have for a better life simply out of fear! But what is it that are fearful of? Generally speaking they are fearful of the “F” word – FAILURE!

So let’s take a closer, perhaps a more alternative look at these 2 types of change!

FORCED CHANGE – a change that has been made for you and is out of your control. It could be relatively minor or something major. Let me give you a couple of examples….

i. A minor forced change could be you’re involved in a car accident and although you are unhurt, the car didn’t come out so lucky and all of a sudden you find yourself looking for alternative transport. Although it’s inconvenient, it is not life changing!

ii. A major forced change could be the death of someone very close to you, a separation or relationship break up, or the loss of a job. These major changes understandably cause a huge amount of stress to even the strongest person and in most cases are life changing events. They are normally viewed as very negative and often need to blame someone or something for inflicting this pain on us!

But what if we were take a different mental approach to major change! WHAT IF instead of seeing it as something that happens TO us, we looked at it as being something that happened FOR us? If we looked at it as a message or wake up call from the universe to tell us that there’s been a plot twist and it’s time to move on! If we looked at it as an opportunity to discover something new, better, different?

Major change is indeed stressful, uncomfortable and life changing, but it is not insurmountable. We can rise above it and take something from the experience – but we can’t invite new things, people, mind sets and OPPORTUNITIES into our life until we make room for them.


CHOICE CHANGE – a premeditated choice to make changes (minor or major). For example…

i. A minor choice change might be setting the alarm clock for 15 minutes earlier in the morning in order to do some yoga stretches before starting your day.

ii. A major choice change might be the decision to embark on that weight loss/healthy living journey you’ve been putting off or ignoring for too long. A major choice like this will clearly take more planning and effort, but you have made this decision by choice – it has not been made for you.

SO WHAT DOES ALL THIS TALK ABOUT CHANGE HAVE TO DO WITH LIVING MORE SIMPLY? Well, simply put – it has EVERYTHING to do with it! The decision to seek out and discover a simpler life has to be by CHOICE, and the steps required to achieve it require CHANGE!

Keep an eye out for Part 2 of this article – MAKING Positive Change!

Until next time ~ Keep It Simple Sista

Life Gets Better by Choice

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