In Part 1 of this article I talked about the “C” word – CHANGE. I talked about the 2 different types of change that we are most often faced with – and I left you with the question – WHAT DOES ALL THIS TALK ABOUT CHANGE HAVE TO DO WITH LIVING MORE SIMPLY?

Simply put – it has EVERYTHING to do with it! The decision to seek out a simpler life has to be by CHOICE, and the steps required to achieve it require CHANGE!

To create simplicity you to need to create change in the various areas of life where you feel change is necessary or desired. Because changes by choice are much easier and less stressful for most of us to cope with, this is a relatively easy thing to do – the challenging part can be working out HOW and WHERE to create and implement them and often involves taking back some control of your life to some degree (click the link to find out more).

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself to help you identify the areas of YOUR life where change is required. This will get you started in the “Subtle Art of K.I.S.S’ing” – and take you one step closer to a simple, happy and less stressful life.

1/ Do you have any toxic things/people in your life that need to go?

When I say “toxic”, I mean things/people that are poisoning your quality of life! This is your time to get them under control or let go of them completely. If you are unsure, you can start with things you don’t like about your current life (list them down) and then think of the opposite or an alternative that you would like! If you struggle with letting go, try writing out what these things/people have cost you emotionally and physically to get some clarity on just how toxic they really are.

2/ If I lived in a perfect world, what changes would I make to my life?

You’ve often thought of these things, so you probably already have a pretty clear idea. Get your health and fitness sorted? Lose that extra weight? Work less hours and have more time for your family? Take up that hobby or sport that you’ve been talking about? Whatever it is, let’s take this opportunity to turn these dreams into intentions.

3/ How would you prioritise this “new life”? Set your Intentions!

You’ve already thought about how you want your life to be in the future – what needs to change and what you would like to change. Now give it deeper thought so we can take it from a dream to an intention!  Jot them all down, then prioritise. Start at number 1 and work your way down…and remember this is your wish list so listen to your heart not your head and try not to over complicate things!

4/ How much time do I WASTE?

Our time is like a bank account. We can make deposits and withdrawals. Some things we do, and people in our lives can cost huge amounts of our valuable Time Bank Account. These are commonly known as Time Vampires. Social media for a lot of people is a HUGE time vampire. Are you one of them? Is there a friend, relative or work colleague that fits this category? We are generally conscious of the time vampires, but fail to do anything about it. So let’s get some clarity on this area of our lives as well.

Firstly I want you to list ALL the things and people you can think of that are zapping your time and energy (making withdrawals from your Time Bank). Next I want you to calculate roughly how much time they cost you each week. Now add it up! A lot of my clients are surprised (ie stunned) at how much these time vampires are costing them! Now think about what other things you could be doing if you had more time in the bank! Lastly, get creative – think about other areas of your life where you could possibly save a few extra hours each week by delegating/sharing tasks, doing things in a different or more time efficient manner. Look outside of the square that you live in and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much “spare time” you have in the bank to spend on your new Life Priorities.

* Hint – when I did this exercise, I saved 25 hours a week to spend on other things. 

5/  Do you give any/enough time to YOU – for “me time” and self love?

Women are notorious for putting everyone else’s needs ahead of their own. Am I right, or am I right? So ask yourself 2 questions. 1. What do I do, and how much time do I dedicate to ME, and 2. In a perfect world, what would I do for ME on a regular basis? Now that you’ve probably deposited at least a few extra hours to your Time Bank each week, what are you going to do for you? It doesn’t have to be expensive or over complicated. The simple pleasures in life are a great place to start. Make the time to go for a walk on the beach, grab a coffee and sit and watch the world go by. Go to the markets and buy a bunch of fresh flowers, have a massage – and remember that a lot of the simple things in life are free!

Now that you have your blueprint to Keeping It Simple, it’s over to you. Get cracking and I look forward to hearing what changes you’ve made, how much time you’ve saved and what simple pleasures you are discovering/re-discovering! Drop me a line in the comment box below…

Until next time….KI.S.S

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