When it comes to Winter, our skin feels the cooler weather as much as we do, so it’s important to give it a little extra lovin’ during these cooler months. I know “nesting” during winter is, of course, one of life’s great joys – but tending to the skin you’re in with some care during the cooler months is well worth the effort…

Winter changes the pH balance in our skin, and conditions such as dermatitis and eczema can also flare up. The combination of heating inside, harsh weather outside, decreased oil production and a general sense of gloom can lead to decidedly dehydrated and lacklustre skin. Not to mention flaky, irritated and blotchy. So if you want healthy, youthful and glowing skin, here are some of my Top 5 Tips to give your face that little extra love it needs over winter…


By investing into a quality skin care RANGE, the products in it are specifically designed to work together- and choose Natural and Cruelty Free where possible ❤ My own daily skin care ritual takes about 3 minutes each morning and night.


During the winter months, it’s wise to use a gentle cleanser that lifts away make up and impurities. I’m in LOVE with Essano’s Rosehip Oil Facial Wipes to gently cleanse in one simple step, enriched with certified organic Rosehip Oil,  Aloe Vera and Green Tea.



A gentle cleanser, toner (to close those pores) and quality moisturiser are essential to any great skin care routine – and don’t forget to exfoliate! It’s hard for your skin to absorb your moisturiser if it’s shielded by a layer of dead skin, which is why exfoliating in winter is so important. Using a light or gentle exfoliant every 2-3 days in winter will ensure that all dead skin cells and debris are removed and your skin can effectively soak up the moisturiser you put on it. This goes for your face and also your body, especially your knees and elbows.


Serums, much like face oils, can be much more effective in delivering moisture to the skin than traditional moisturisers. Serums and face oils have smaller molecules, allowing them to sink and penetrate deeper into our skin, hydrating more intensely and more thoroughly. Anyone with ageing skin should have a serum in their skincare routine already but in winter, everyone should consider adding one to their routine.

MY FAV? Essano Collagen Repair Serum with certified organic Rosehip Oil combined with the active repair power of Plant Peptides. This silky serum stimulates collagen by repairing and protecting the epidermal layer of your skin. Regular use will smooth and soften wrinkles and promote a youthful complexion.

• Plump and fill in wrinkles and fine lines
• Improve firmness and elasticity
• Revive and regenerate skin
• Resurface your skin, tightening pores, visibly refining skin texture



This is probably the most important thing you can do for your skin and body in winter. We all know the chilly, windy air in winter dries us out, so it’s important to make sure you stay hydrated on the inside to avoid dry and chapped skin. When you don’t drink enough water and you become dehydrated, your skin suffers. The recommended amount of water to drink daily is two litres – something you should aim for everyday.


And here’s a bonus tip! MY SECRET WEAPON….


Grab yourself an Aloe Vera leaf, cut it into pieces approx. 1.5 inches (5cm) long, then slice one section in half so you have 2 pieces with the gel completely exposed. Wipe the gel side of the leaf over your face, throat and décolletage (chest). Wipe a little over your hands, and then gently wipe your hands over your face to spread the gel evenly. Give it a few minutes to dry, then apply a spray toner over the top to close the pores.

Leave the gel mask on overnight, and rinse off in the morning with warm water (no cleanser required) and discover a smooth, hydrated and firm complexion.

I’ve been giving myself an Aloe Vera gel mask normally twice a week (sometimes 3) for the last 12 months and absolutely love what it has done for my skin.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these Winter Wellness Skin Tips, and would love to read your comments below.

Until next time….

❤ Cherene x

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