Death, divorce, career changes and many other life altering and traumatic events can turn our lives upside down…and sometimes they will never be the same again!

My own life has been a roller coaster of highs and lows. There have been some phenomenal highs, and lows that are lower than low. I experienced (and survived) the bitter a very bitter and messy divorce, and custody dispute. I’ve lived through a breast cancer scare, and mourned the loss of too many people along the way including my parents, brother and several very close friends. There have been a few times when I thought it couldn’t get any worse and that I’d hit “Rock Bottom”. HOW WRONG I WAS!!!!!

I was yet to discover what “Rock Bottom” really looks and feels like! In September 2014, my whole world was rocked to the very core when my 23 year old son, Alex passed away suddenly and with no reason! I share more about Alex’s story and our journey together here >>

This website, my passion and life purpose is dedicated to my son ALEX – and to YOU! 

Often these experiences raise philosophical and spiritual questions!

They may prompt us to question our faith and the meaning of life. Our experience may shatter many of our beliefs about the world, such as ‘the world is a safe place’, ‘the old die before the young’ or ‘bad things don’t happen to good people’.

Many people describe these experiences as almost a ‘re-learning the world’. Some people find or reconnect with their faith or their own spiritual beliefs and can identify how they have grown as a result of their grief experience.

You are not the only one asking questions, looking for answers or searching for “something”, but may not be quite sure WHAT or WHERE that “something” might be. I believe you will find many of your answers here!

  • Do I know what YOU are going through? NO, I don’t – each of our stories are uniquely ours, and I wouldn’t presume to say that I know what YOU are going through!
  • Can I support and help you through your journey? YES, I can! From my own real life experiences, I am pretty well versed in the subjects of surviving death, divorce, depression and grief. My own experiences have shaped who I am today, and given me the incredible opportunity to help others through their own journeys by sharing the tools and strategies I used myself to move from a state of Post Traumatic Grief to Post Traumatic Growth – and LOVE beyond the loss!

Inner Peace

If you’re ready to find your inner peace, HEAL beyond the hurt, GROW beyond the grief, and LOVE beyond the loss, come and take a journey with me! 

Your journey to Heal, Grow & Love starts here!