Our Philosophy & Values

ZENergy One was created with YOU in mind. To provide an online space that nurtures balance, and inspires people to lead a life which is healthy, happy, fearless and free!

Cherene believes very strongly that in order to find true healing, one must address not just the physical, but the emotional and spiritual aspects of our being as well. This, she has learned through personal experience. The body and mind are strongly connected, and ZENergy One is an online space that encourages balance and healing through mind, body and spirit.

“By healing ourselves, we help others to heal also!” ~ Unknown

Cherene - Fiji 2014

The ZENergy One Philosophy

Life’s too short for it not to be awesome, and first and foremost we believe that Fitness SHOULD be Fun – and this is the cornerstone of everything we do at ZENergy One! We believe that the fitness is a “side effect” of our fun, fresh and unique programs!

  • GONE … is the “go hard or go home” attitude! BALANCE is where it’s at;
  • GONE … is knowing you’ll be treated like a number in a gym;
  • GONE … are the rows of intimidating traditional gym machines;
  • GONE … is feeling alone and isolated with just your headphones for company;
  • GONE … is trying to figure out how to get the results YOU want for yourself.

INSTEAD, we’re going to take you on a journey of fun, MOVEment, discovery and transformation. We will help you attain life’s most valuable currency… WELLth – where a balanced focus on physical and mental health and wellness is paramount, calmness of the mind is attainable and a well nourished and sculpted body is totally achievable!

“Our aim is to help you get fitter, healthier and happier ~ from the inside out!”

~ Cherene (ZENergy One Founder)

Zenergy - aerial yoga - CTS Pike