Warrior Men

Are you exhausted from hiding behind a “false” version of yourself – that happy, successful, “got my shit together” kind of guy?

Are you actually feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and even a bit lost?

Maybe you feel unfulfilled or STUCK in a job or life you hate?

Welcome to the modern age guys….but understand one thing! YOU ARE NOT ALONE! This is the FALSEHOOD OF MANHOOD!

Realistically, men are no different to women in this regard! Today’s society has certain expectations on ALL of us – and it’s a tough gig! It becomes almost automatic to pretend that we “have it all together” when in fact we are far from it. Behind the scenes and the \ bullshit facade we build around our life, we are no different to anyone else – man or woman! We’re all full of fear and self doubt, comparing ourselves to others and obsessing over what other people think..what they think about our bodies, our lives, our career/job, our family life, the car we drive, the holidays we take. We tend to identify ourselves and how successful (or unsuccessful) we are by these things – and in the process we LOSE OUR TRUE SELVES!

We procrastinate, we lack purpose, and passion – and all we want is some F***ING PEACE! So instead we numb ourselves – with booze, food, social media, retail therapy, all the while seeking security, comfort and inner peace; but remaining STUCK where we are and over analysing everything in our lives through fear of failure and embarrassment.

Most of us know someone who is absolutely passionate about what they do for a living – and it makes the rest of us jealous as hell. About 90 percent of people who go to work hate what they do, and they do it just because it’s a job and that’s what they have to do to make money.

I often hear people say “One day I’ll…live”; “One day I’ll… enjoy life.” They say things like “I’ll work really hard right now, make lots of money, have lots of prestige, lots of fame, or whatever …and then One day I’ll start enjoying life. One day I’ll start LIVING.

We think if we just find some extra time and motivation, we’ll get the things we want – a better job, more money, better body, and more freedom, as if one day it’ll magically happen. So many people do this and it’s sad because they’re missing out on living life right here, right now! This “One Day” thing doesn’t bring us happiness, and the main reason it doesn’t is because we can never be sure that if we reach our “goal” that it will bring us the happiness we desire anyway! It may not!!!!!

What really brings happiness is living in the moment – enjoying today, enjoying the journey of our life. It’s not wrong to have goals and to work towards them. But our goals shouldn’t keep us from living life NOW and at least ENJOYING what we’re doing right now. We can do both…let me show you how!

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