Young Warriors

Today’s modern world can be a tough and confronting place for many young people. The rate of teenage stress, depression and suicide is HORRENDOUS, and too many young people report of being and feeling bullied, afraid, ignored, harassed, labelled, powerless, body shamed…and it’s going on everywhere – at school, socially and on social media! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

The Madden Brothers say it best in this film clip – WE ARE DONE!

The Warrior Collective recognises the issues facing these young people, and is here to help. Here to help build mentally and physically stronger young people – at a Mind, Body and Spirit level. To assist them in developing resilience, coping with the stresses of life and growing to become role models for future generations of young people.

I am not a counsellor or psychologist. I am a writer, speaker and teacher of Mind, Body Spirit fitness and I am about building mental and physically stronger, more conscious human beings. My own son was a victim of bullying and harassment throughout his school life (red hair, fair skin and braces). On leaving school he joined the Defence Force and became a combat medic. Alex was not your stereotypical “Army Dude” and once again was subjected to targeted bullying. He died under dubious circumstances in 2014 at the age of only 23. You can read more about our stories here!

The aim of Young Warriors is to provide a safe, supportive and nurturing space for young people to feel and be part of something bigger, to feel free to speak up about their own stories and struggles, to learn strategies to cope with their day-to-day, to build resilience, and learn the “Way of the Warrior” – ie the core values of knowledge, wisdom, responsibility, justice, respect, loyalty, courage, strength of character, self control, honesty and integrity – and to make these values “cool” again!

In the words of Yoda (from Star Wars)..

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