Over the last 16 years, I have developed my own methods of training, which are a dynamic and highly effective style of training aimed at total body strength, core conditioning, stretching and mobility using a series of gentle precise movements to develop a strong, toned body with the ability to move freely and with full range of motion.I finally decided it needed a name. One that reflected what it was all about…


Who is it suitable for?

In a word – EVERY BODY! Each decade has its own specific challenges and needs, and my programs address all ages and stages of life.

KINESTHENICS is particularly helpful for people who –

  • have undergone weight loss surgery and need to start moving
  • have been advised to lose weight, but need something gentle and low/no impact
  • are coming back to exercise after some time off or an injury
  • are just getting started on their fitness journey and need direction
  • want to turn back the hands of time and adopt a healthier lifestyle
  • have joint problems and require a low/NO impact exercise program
  • want to learn how you can exercise safely and effectively at ANY age
  • are bored with the same boring old workouts at the gym, and looking for a change
  • want a more exclusive and premium level client experience than you’ll get in a gym
  • want the flexibility to workout with an online trainer anywhere, anytime

It’s never too early or too late to start moving your body with the KINESTHENICS Method!