About Us

Cherene Thomas-Smith and husband, Graham Smith are the dynamic design duo behind Thomas+Smith Design (TSD) – and collectively they bring a lifetime of design, colour and renovation expertise to their clients.

After relocating from Sydney to the beautiful and historical city of Newcastle in 2016, Cherene and Graham wanted to take a fresh, new approach to design and renovation – and the concept of Thomas+Smith Design was born.


Cherene - Oct 2014 3

CHERENE THOMAS-SMITH – has been involved in the home building and renovations field since 1991 and has worked with some of Sydney’s biggest, and most respected builders and renovation companies in design, colour, specification, estimating and project management.

She describes herself as a “multi-passionate designer”, she immerses herself in all things design – keeping abreast of the latest trends.While having her own personal design ethos, she loves working across a broad range of design schemes, as well as bringing her passion for the ancient practices of Feng Shui, Shibui and Wabi Sabi to projects on request. Her style is fresh, comfortable and relaxed, and Cherene is well known for her keen eye for colour and attention to detail.

Graham - Oct 2015

GRAHAM SMITH – has over 30 years in the building and renovation industries, and has lead, managed and owned some of Sydney’s biggest, and most respected renovation companies.

Graham is the “technical guru” at TSD and a widely experienced designer, estimator and project manager, and lends his extensive experience and practical, down-to-earth approach to most TSD projects. He will ensure you have a room that is not only beautiful, and functional, but one that will stand the test of time.

The “BEHIND THE SCENES” Team – is made up of our many industry connections – manufacturers, suppliers, architects, trades, decorators and stylists.

We offer a complimentary 30 minute phone consultation where we can chat about your project before deciding to work together.