Aerial Yoga Lessons

Whether you’re brand new to Aerial Yoga or a confirmed Aerial Yoga Junkie, my Zenergy One Online  lessons are for those who wish to learn/train at home.

Unlike most of the Apps available, I offer comprehensive, fully instructional and progressive Aerial Yoga lessons, and all you need is an aerial hammock, an internet connection and the desire.

Lessons are structured as 6 Week Courses which are delivered to your email inbox each week. You can login to your lessons anywhere/anytime, and each class consists of –

  • Warm up,
  • Aerial Yoga moves, poses and transitions,
  • Revision of previous moves
  • Cool down, AND….
  • Homework – ie practice that I’m going to ask you to do in between lessons.

Lessons are 100% online and are perfect for anyone who can’t get to an Aerial studio, wishes to fit some extra air time into their week, or explore a different style/experience outside of their regular classes, and build more strength, flexibility and technique.


This is my Beginners level course where we cover all the – well – FUN-damentals of sitting and standing in the hammock, start working on upper body and core strength, flexibility, inversions (hanging upside down), flips and more! This low impact class is suitable for ALL ages, shapes and fitness abilities, and will help you develop a strong core, back and upper body strength, as well balance, stability and flexibility.

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Offers a mix of everything that Aerial Yoga has to offer! You’ll stretch, you’ll flow, you’ll strengthen, you’ll fly – and best of all? You’ll have more FUN than you know what to do with! We’ll finish off with a little serenity time at the end of class, and you will float out of the studio feeling amazing and ready to take on the world! Take your core-strengthening and targeted muscle conditioning to new heights and explore the amazing benefits that Aerial Yoga has to offer!

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Body Fiit is a dynamic, fitness focused total body strength and conditioning class…in the air – combining, suspension, resistance training and aerial arts for all over body conditioning. Expect to sweat and develop core strength with inverted crunches, chin-ups, handstands and exploring shapes to tone and strengthen every inch of your body. There’ll also be plenty of inversions allowing decompression of the spine and we’ll work on flexibility as you steadily and progressively develop in your practice.

Full Body Pull Ups