Bungee Fitness

BUNGEE FITNESS is the FUTURE of fitness when it comes to a well-rounded workout that gets results with less injuries – and it will take you leaps and bounds closer to your fitness goals!

In short, Bungee fitness is a grounded aerial fitness system using a combination of functional and resistance training coupled with high-intensity cardio via the use of an overhead bungee band and harness. It’s a great way to put a spring in your step (literally) as the bungee reduces the load by about 50-70% of your body weight, yet challenges different aspects of your fitness all at once.

The benefits? Bungee Fitness will increase overall body strength, core stability, mobility, flexibility, balance and cardio endurance – and yet, is surprisingly low impact taking the pressure off the joints!

Who is it for? EVERYbody – if you have a body and are breathing, then Bungee Fitness is for YOU! It’s also a great exercise alternative for older adults (yes even those in their 80’s), people who are carrying too much weight, and those re-habilitating from an injury, who have arthritis, hip or knee problems.