Business Bliss Basics


Whether you’re just starting out or already doing your thing, let’s get you off to a great start in my “Business Bliss Basics” seminar where we’ll cover all the basic principles that every wellness, spiritual or heart centred business owner should know. By the end of the day you will have crystal clear clarity about you, your Passion Project and your next steps forward to living your dream life!

We’ll be covering…

  • The 12 Sacred Principles ~ as business owners we are responsible for our own happiness and misery, for our own heaven…and hell. By following the 12 Sacred Principles you can create “good karma” for both your business, and your clients!
  • Your Ideal Client/Super Client ~ we’re going to unveil who she/he  is…and get to know them really intimately.
  • Discover your WHY ~ we’re going to dig deep and uncover what YOUR “why” is ~ what makes you stand out from the crowd, and will attract more of the ideal clients you want to your business
  • Vision, Mission, Purpose ~ what is YOUR Vision, Mission and Purpose? Prepare to dig deep as we craft your own VMP Statement
  • Your Elevator Pitch ~ learn to pitch your business in 30 secs or less
  • Marketing Basics ~ websites, email marketing and social media 
  • Personal Wellbeing ~ like children, running a business can be mentally and emotionally draining! We’ll talk about tools/strategies you can use to ensure that you are paying attention to YOU as much as your business.
  • Q & A ~ hit me with your questions people.

Cost:   $297 ~ includes PDF course notes. Each participant will also receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the day!