Business Start Ups 

Got an Idea for a Side Hustle – a Passion Project – or maybe it’s a 


You’re finally ready to do something about it…

I remember the challenges that came with starting my very first business venture from scratch – with big DREAMS, lots of IDEAS – and absolutely NO CLUE how to get it started and off the ground!  Now I help small business owners/entrepreneurs do exactly that, and get their own Passion Projects out of their head and into the world!

Who knows, this Passion Project of yours could become your full time gig in no time- but first I’ll walk you step-by-step on how to set yourself up the right way! It’s kind of a passion (and speciality) of mine 😉

I offer a completely done-for-you service to get the back-end of your new business up and running  in 30 days (or less) –

Stage 1:
  • Initial consultation and clarity call with me (so we’re both on the same page)
  • Establishing your office (phone, business address and email)
  • Business registration – business name and ABN
  • Domain name registration
  • Business branding
  • Custom Logo design (2 options + 2 revisions)
  • Business Card design (high res file supplied, ready to print)
Stage 2:
  • Set up Website & Blog (4 page WordPress site that you can self-manage)
  • Set up 2 Social Media accounts (incl cover and profile photos)

woman in red sweater holding white cellphone

This Service is for you if –
  • You are a new entrepreneur wanting to get established quickly and have ZERO idea where to start
  • You don’t have the time to figure out exactly what you need to do to establish your business – and
  • You would love to just hand over the entire process to someone you can trust and has done it MANY TIMES before.

Like to know more, or ready to get started?