Class Descriptions

Power Barre x Pilates

is my proven and highly effective training method to sculpt, tone, lift and transform your body in just weeks not months! Using a series of precise ballet, pilates & yoga inspired movements, the real secret to the effectiveness of Power Barre/Pilates lies in the Micro Power-Pulse. Join me in this fast and effective 30 minute live stream class and discover the Power of the Barre for yourself.

Pure Kinesthenics

Lengthen, strengthen and stretch every muscle, whilst also improving overall mobility in our Total Body Strength, Conditioning & Mobility class. 

This 30 min class is a fusion of bodyweight moves and of course long, luxurious and juicy stretching, and you’ll leave the class feeling strong, toned, flexy and invigorated.

Stretch, Flex & Breathe

is a Yin Yoga inspired class consisting of deep stretching and restorative poses using extended holds of various seated and lying poses to help you relieve tight muscles, improve flexibility, calm your mind and unwind from the week that was… 


    Yin yoga provides an almost meditative quality as you settle into each pose and maintain your focus on the experience. 
    In today’s busy world, there are not many opportunities to be still. Yin yoga poses allow you find that stillness and quiet as you melt and relax into each pose. You will leave feeling less stressed and more refreshed.
    Because this practice helps restore the body, it can help alleviate pain as you release and ease tension in the muscles and lubricate the ligaments and joints.
    The extended holds in yin yoga give us the time and space to explore our feelings and emotions as they come up in each pose. They also allow us to get to know our body better as we make continuous adjustments for our own anatomical needs.
    Taking care of the connective tissue around the joints allows you to relieve joint stress and safely open them to their healthy limits.