I take on a very limited number of new clients each month to ensure you receive my best attention at all times. My PT/Coaching sessions can be held over the phone or by skype, while face-to-face sessions and mind body services are conducted at the ZENergy One Health, Fitness & Wellness Centre in Salamander Bay, Port Stephens (NSW).

Cherene - May 17

Personal Training / Coaching Fees

Discovery Session – a free 15-20‐minute consultation session MAY in some cases be offered to introduce the coaching process to New Clients only. After this session, we can then discuss entering into a coaching relationship.

3 Month Commitment – you will receive 1 x 60-minute initial coaching session plus 1 x 45 minute follow up session in the first month, followed by 2 x 45 minute coaching sessions each month for the following two months. Supplemental “Top Up” sessions are also available at the advertised rate if required.

  • $450.00 – when paid upfront (save $25), OR
  • $475.00 – paid monthly by Direct Debit (1st Payment $175 + 2 x $150)

Casual Appointments – recommended for existing clients after completing the initial 3 month commitment. You can book and pay for an individual session/s as and when required.

  • 1st Consultation:        $100.00 (if longer than 3 months since last appointment)
  • Follow Up Appts:        $ 75.00 (45 mins) 
  • Express Sessions:       $ 55.00 (30 mins) emergency/top-up appts for regular clients only

I may, from time-to-time recommend one of my Mind Body Healing services to my face-to-face clients if I feel it will be of significant benefit to them. These are charged additionally, and you are always free to accept or decline. The decision is yours.

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