ZENergise Your Home/Office


If it’s time to Conquer the Clutter in your life – to reclaim your space, your time, your sanity, and SIMPLIFY – whether it be a couple of rooms, an office or a whole house, I can help! I offer personal consultations across the Port Stephens and Newcastle areas (NSW) as well as Virtual Consultations outside of those areas.

I Can Help if you are…

  • stressed, anxious or depressed and wanting to SIMPLIFY your life and your environment
  • overwhelmed by your clutter, feel disorganised and like your home/office/life is in chaos
  • selling your home and want to present it in its best light (and maximise its potential)
  • wanting a calmer, more creative space to live and/or work
  • moving into a new home and want to start off fresh and organised
  • needing to make space for a new baby, business or hobby
  • wanting to create a personal/sacred space or meditation area in your home or office


What to Expect from a Personal Consultation

De-cluttering for the majority of people is a very personal project, and for that reason I do not do the actual de-cluttering for you, but I will be your Teacher, Guide and Mentor every step of the way.

Whether your consultation is face-to-face OR virtual (by Skype or FaceTime) we will discuss your needs and goals and look at the space/s you wish to address. From there we will set goals and develop a strategy so you can effectively de-clutter your space. I also help you get organised and give you the tools and tips to stay that way!

If you’re preparing a property for sale, we can also give you great tips for “staging” your home for presentation on Open House days.

Styling/Staging on a Budget? No Problem!

There’s an old saying, “work with what you have, until you can have what you want” – and that’s how I operate. If you’re lucky enough to have “money’s no object” budget, great! But if not, don’t sweat it – we will work with what you have and still achieve a great look and feel.


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