I started dabbling in Aromatherapy and playing with Essential Oils nearly 27 years ago – for my own (and my family’s) health and wellbeing! It wasn’t long before I was blending, creating my own oily goodies and sharing/ working with family, friends and beyond. A lifelong love affair was born!

I’ve always been very particular about the oils I choose to work with – always searching for the purest and highest quality I could get my hands on, and I have chosen to partner with doTERRA Essential Oils because, well…they just tick ALL the boxes! Read more here >>

Essential Oils have brought so much to my life, and I’m incredibly passionate about sharing them with as many people as possible, because I KNOW how powerful and life changing they are!

  • More energy
  • Better sleep
  • Improved focus
  • Less Stress

And… I can’t wait to share them with YOU!

5 Ways you can bring Essential Oils into your Life –

There are hundreds (probably thousands) of ways we can use Essential Oils in our everyday lives, but for the most part they fall into 5 categories –

  1. Relaxation, Meditation, Spiritual
  2. Cooking
  3. Skin and Beauty
  4. Health and Natural “Medicine”
  5. Cleaning and Home

massage oil

10 ways I use doTERRA every day –

  1. I diffuse or wear mood enhancing oils in my home, office and studio to promote relaxation, stress busting, focus, concentration – whatever mood I’m seeking.
  2. In my meditation practice and rituals.
  3. Pop a few drops in a long, hot bath.
  4. I make my own boutique bath salts and bath bombs
  5. Body Oils and Lotions,
  6. Post workout body aches
  7. To ward off coughs, colds and flu
  8. Being an asthmatic, I always have an “Easy Air” blend close by
  9. In the kitchen and cooking
  10. Around the home in cleaning and reduce odours


I also bring my own special Alchemy…

Crystal Infused Oils, Chakra Balancing & Meditation Blends and Intuitive Blending are a couple of my passions that I reserve for family, private clients and Team ELLEvate members only.

Crystal Infused /Powered Oils:

Like Essential Oils, the use of Crystals is an ancient practice, and dates back at least 6,000 years. Ancient Egyptians are also referenced as being among the first people to have adorned themselves with crystals to ward off illness and negative energy.

Modern crystal healing is based on more traditional concepts borrowed from Asian cultures, most notably the Chinese concept of life-energy (chi or qi) and the Hindu or Buddhist concept of Chakras, the energy centres of our body.

Both crystals and essential oils have have different properties and benefits – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – so when you blend the right oils with the right crystals, you have a potent blend of energies, properties and healing benefits.

crystal oils

Chakra Balancing & Meditation Blends:

The influence that aromatic essential oils have on the body, mind and spirit in the practice of aromatherapy can be adapted to promote balanced chakra functioning. The idea is to apply activating essential oils to energize sluggish chakra function or calming oils to quiet over-active ones. Balancing oils are good candidates for maintaining support of well-regulated chakras. A combination of both activating and calming oils will tend to have an overall balancing and supportive benefit to the chakras.

chakra oils.jpg

Intuitive Blends:

Have you ever opened a bottle of perfume, or an essential oil and felt like it was made specifically for you? That it was PERFECT in every way, and just resonated with your Soul…. and then you’ve gone back to it 6 months later, and thought “what did I ever see in it”?

Our needs are constantly changing based on whichever layers we happen to be peeling back at the time – mental, spiritual, emotional, or physical – our intuition knows what we need at any given time.

Sadly though, a lot of people really have no clue how to “tune in” and listen to their own intuition – and that’s where I come in. I “tune in” to what your body is needing and asking for, and create a custom blend just for you.

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