HEY! I think I know you… 

You’re that girl with a BIG, HAIRY, AUDACIOUS DREAM to change your physical and financial health, and live a life of FREEDOM and ABUNDANCE…but you’re just not sure how to get there.

Not too long ago, I was that girl too 😉 So pull up a seat for a few minutes my lovely friend and keep on reading….

WHAT IF you were to give yourself permission
  • to be truly you? You’re most authentic, YOU’iest you?
  • to step up and SHINE?
  • to find your people – YOUR TRIBE?
  • to spend your time, your way – and make money doing WORK YOU LOVE?
IMAGINE what could happen?

IMAGINE – having your own business where you receive ongoing business mentoring and personal development training from experts in their field…at no cost?

✦ IMAGINE – having a business that allowed you to work from home (or your phone) from anywhere in the world, AND freed you up to spend more “guilt free” time with your kids and family.

IMAGINE – having a business that allowed your husband, wife, partner, mum, sister or best friend to quit their stressful job and enjoy financial security and freedom.

✦ IMAGINE – having a LIFE and BUSINESS you LOVE!

These are the very real gifts that a doTERRA business can bring!



You already know the life you WANT to be living – but are you ready to CLAIM IT?

Our team boasts some of the worlds foremost leaders in the Health and Wellness arena, all of whom generously share their health, wellness and business wisdom, to help YOU build a business and life you are proud of and passionate about – and one that will gain you personal and financial freedom.

Essential Oils have played a huge part in my own healing journey over the last few years, but even though I had a few friends and business acquaintances who had jumped on the doTERRA opportunity, at that time I wasn’t ready to step into a new business, BUT… when I was, I chose to partner with doTERRA Essential Oils because they are simply the most amazing oils, and most ethical and generous companies on the planet!

As our Team Leader says so beautifully…

“We are a cohort of women who are bold, intuitive and unbelievably motivated to create change in their lives and the world.

We enthusiastically stand behind one of the most integral and ethical brands on earth: doTERRA Essential Oils.

Every day we empower people with natural solutions; the tools to glowing skin and digestive harmony and better sleep, all while smelling like a goddess… look, don’t get me started on the benefits these oils provide, I’ll never stop. You can read more here, though.

This “work” sees us developing leadership in one another, guiding people to find freedom in a debt-free life, and teaching spiritual principles that create lives of absolute abundance and limitless choice.

doTERRA is our chosen vehicle for creating ripples of transformation across the globe!

In carrying out this important and inspiring work, we are not the sole beneficiaries – we also have the opportunity to vastly impact the lives of others. From the growers, harvesters and distillers of these oils (many of whom live in developing nations) to the people we offer the doTERRA opportunity to.

We’re in the business of enhancing lives – creating launch pads for personal development and placing real people onto platforms of excellence in every area of their lives.”


This is not your standard business model (far from it)! This model is the epitome of teamwork. There’s no room for “Us” -v- “Them”.

This business model is built on the foundations of a community leveraging itself so that we all may rise!

The incredibly generous doTERRA business model is already lucrative – and the Path To Freedom is the roadmap that can turn this opportunity into a REALITY! Here’s a snapshot of the ranks and incredible earning potential.

Could this be the opportunity you’ve been looking for?ranks-earnings

* Earnings Disclaimer

I’m looking for 3 highly motivated, success inspired people to start immediately in a Leadership role with me on Team ELLEvate!

I’ll support you in your journey and introduce you to our team of highly energised business leaders, all of whom started out exactly where you are today – with a big, hairy, audacious dream to transform their own life, and to help others do the same!

This exciting role is for you if –

  • You strive to balance effort and self-care with grace and elegance.
  • You love being charged up by team energy, but you’re also a self-starter.
  • You’re looking for a better and more soul aligning way to learn, earn, lead and contribute to your family and the world.
  • You can dedicate at least 15 hours per week to your doTERRA business
  • You LOVE the idea of partnering in a collaborative business model, which is in service to all involved.
  • You are prepared to invest in yourself (back yourself), and
  • You are ready to transform your financial future.

It might be that you –

  • Already have an online following or existing business,
  • Have experience in business or network marketing but are looking for a new challenge,
  • Are wanting to return to work, but need flexibility around your family commitments, OR
  • None of the above – you may just be looking for an opportunity that ignites your senses!

Find out more about Path to Freedom & Biz Camp  HERE – or skip that bit and just GET STARTED NOW!



That’s totally okay. We would still love you to become one our Wellness Advocates where you’ll be able to enjoy doTERRA oils at WHOLESALE PRICES and share the oily love with your family and friends.

You’ll also have access to as much (or as little) training and resources as you can handle – and if/when you decide you ARE ready to take the plunge into a leadership role, the offer will still be there, ready and waiting for you!

Click here to join as a Wellness Advocate >>