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My fitness classes have been created with YOU in mind – a boutique studio located in Port Stephens (NSW) with a fusion of everything health, fitness and wellness. We offer a wide selection of high quality FUN, FRESH and UNIQUE Aerial, Yoga & Ballet inspired fitness classes, and Health/Wellness services.

We are NOT like other fitness centres or yoga studios…

Here you can learn, practice and hang out with a community of like-minded ladies, where you can move, nourish and balance your body, mind and spirit.

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Life’s too short for it not to be awesome, and first and foremost we believe that Fitness SHOULD be Fun – and this is the cornerstone of everything we do! We believe that the fitness is a “side effect” of our fun, fresh and unique classes! Don’t get me wrong – you WILL get fit – it’s just not our primary focus in classes/training!

  • GONE … is the “go hard or go home” attitude! BALANCE is where it’s at;
  • GONE … is knowing you’ll be treated like a number in a gym;
  • GONE … are the rows of intimidating traditional gym machines;
  • GONE … is feeling alone and isolated with just your headphones for company;
  • GONE … is trying to figure out how to get the results YOU want for yourself.

INSTEAD, we’re going to take you on a journey of fun, MOVEment, discovery and transformation with our friendly, experienced and caring instructors & coaches. We will help you attain life’s most valuable currency… WELLth – where a balanced focus on physical and mental health and wellness is paramount, calmness of the mind is attainable and a well nourished and sculpted body is totally achievable!

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Studio Location & Contact Details

Upstairs @ Zone Active Gymsports

6/86 Port Stephens Drive, Taylors Beach (NSW)

T: 0408 690 096   |  E: hello@cherenets.com.au