Discover the FREEdom Lifestyle! 

Back in 2011/12, I underwent my own health and weight loss transformation. I had managed to put on an extra 20kg due to business related stress and depression. My hormones were all over the shop, my mood swings were crazy, I wasn’t sleeping and in a nutshell I was a mess. A moody, anxious, MESS!

Finally, something had to give, so I set about finding answers – and from there, creating changes! Little did I know that these small changes were about to have a MASSIVE impact – not just on my weight, but on my physical and mental health, my overall well-being – AND my life path!


Living a healthier, more fulfilling life soon became my passion – and helping other people transform their bodies, their minds and their LIVES – from the inside, out was the next step!

When my husband, Graham and I moved to Port Stephens, we opened a Sports Nutrition & Supplement store, so we could advise and help people with their health, fitness and weight loss goals.

About 18 months in I came to realise that many of the supplements on the market (and in our store) were not products I was happy about selling, and I just couldn’t get behind the hype and BS that came with it. It’s a long story which I’ll save for another day – but owning a supplement store did not align with our beliefs!

Then we made a Juicy discovery…

A friend of mine had been using some natural supplements which she was always RAVING about. She was so excited about them that she had taken them on as a little side business, so I decided to have a chat with her to find out more – and what she had to say about the Juice Plus+ business had a massive impact on me.


FINALLY here was a product that was speaking my language! A company that was in tune with my own passion and ethos! A product I could believe in, put my reputation behind, and share with friends, clients and loved ones!

My mind was suddenly reeling with the possibilities!

I love working from home and building an online community and business – for the freedom and flexibility it gives us, but passion and contribution also figure heavily into my life as well. Through my business I am blessed to be able to do things I am passionate about every day. I am able to create, contribute and help others improve their own health, fitness, wellness and  lifestyle…and in some cases, their business!

Speaking of Business…

I’ve known for ages that I wanted to share the same kind of opportunity with other health and wellness passionate people, and enable them to discover the FREEdom lifestyle. So when we decided to take on our own Juice Plus+ business, it was never going to be your stock standard online network marketing kind of business.

“I don’t know if Network Marketing is for me”  

You know what? You probably already are a network marketer (most of us are)! Remember that restaurant you recommended to your mum, and that new active wear store you told your friend about? That’s network marketing right there!. And I’ll bet your mum and friend were both really grateful for a recommendation from someone they know, like and trust.

Imagine if you got actually got paid for making recommendations like that —- for products you already love and believe in. That’s what network marketing is all about – and when it’s undertaken with authenticity and integrity, there’s no more powerful business model in the world.

Imagine having a business that allowed you to work from home (or your phone) and freed you up to spend more time with your family.

Imagine having a business that allowed your husband/wife/partner to quit their stressful job and stay home with the kids.

Imagine having a business that meant your mum or sister never had to worry about money ever again.

These are the gifts that network marketing can bring! You can choose whether your want to run your business part-time or full-time. It  gives you the opportunity to “free” the people you love from financial struggle and soul sucking jobs they no longer enjoy.

JP+ and Team Freedom has fool-proof systems, strategies, a huge collection of game-changing training videos, and hold regular live training and mindset workshops. There’s also the Facebook Groups where you can get inspiration, motivation and assistance 24/7 – and ALL of this is available to you.

You’ll have every thing you need to get your JP+ business up and running… with none of the guesswork, trial and error, or expensive time-wasting that usually goes into building a successful business. JP+ is done in a way that can work for ANYONE and you’ll be helping others by sharing the message of health and wellness.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

You’ll also have access to an AMAZING range of healthy lifestyle and weight loss programs, and marketing materials (like this one above) – the Juicy Body Transformation, 8 Week Shred, 14 Day Reset, the Gourmet Cleanse, and over 200 healthy recipes (and growing almost daily). They are yours to share with your customers.

And every person who joins your JP+ family will also have access to the same training and programs – as will the people THEY recruit, and THEY recruit, and so on!

It’s the business model that just keeps growing and giving!

JP Display 4

To be successful in this type of business you need 2 things!

 A company you have faith in and can trust – and

 A product you love and are excited to share with others.

We all strive to maintain a balanced lifestyle – whether it’s keeping a healthy work/life balance; finding the perfect balance between being a couch potato or a gym junkie; or just eating a balanced diet.The thing I love about this product and business is that it helps you achieve a balanced diet AND a healthy lifestyle, by providing whole food nutrition in every capsule, chewable and powder, that  is the product of high-quality plants and seeds, from well-cultivated fields and orchards, and the best fruit and vegetable farmers.

AND there’s the JP+ Children’s Health Study

More than ever, our children’s health is at risk because of what kids eat – too much processed food, too much junk food, too much fast food. When Mum and Dad say “eat your fruits and vegetables,” it’s an unappetising prospect to a generation fuelled by soft drinks, chips and lollies.

The Children’s Health Study proves what we knew to be true all along: Juice Plus+ makes a real difference in family health and wellness. It’s the result of whole food based nutrition. A survey of over 150,000 parents shows that children who take Juice Plus+ are

  • Eating less fast food and more fruits and vegetables
  • Drinking fewer soft drinks and more water
  • Visiting the doctor less and attending school more

And for every family who participate in the Children’s Health Study – the kids EAT FREE!

Kids Eat Free 1


  1. You already have an active Juice Plus+ account. (If that’s the case, your existing JP+ “go to” person is best placed to support you on your juicy journey!)
  2. You don’t use (and love) these products. This is authentic business at its best. So passion for the product is a prerequisite. If you’re new to JP+ products, your best first step is to get yourself some Juicy goodies (I recommend starting with the Premium Pack Fruit, Veg & Berry capsules. When you fall in love with them (and I know you will!), if you decide you want to take your juicy journey further, we’ll be right here waiting for you.
  3. You’re not someone who takes action. Collaborative business rewards those who show up and give generously.
  4. You’ get derailed by comparisonitis. There are going to be women all around you hitting goals and kicking some serious butt. If that kind of thing inspires tyou, you’re in the right place. But if it makes you want to curl up in a ball, then maybe this isn’t the path for you.


  • You’re turned on by collaboration, sisterhood, and are passionate about sharing the Health & Wellness message with others.
  • You desire more FREEdom in your life – in your income, your time, your health, wellbeing – well all of it.
  • You’re a self-starter. You’re willing to show up, dive deep, and share from your heart.
  • You love these products and are ready to take a Juicy Journey with us.

This is an opportunity to create the Health, Income and LifeSTYLE you deserve!


If this is something that “speaks” to you, GET IN TOUCH to find out more!