A healthy and balanced lifestyle leaves you feeling fit, energetic and at reduced risk of illness/disease, based on the CHOICES we make about our daily habits. Good nutrition, moderate exercise and adequate sleep are the foundations of good health and a happy life – and managing stress in positive ways, reduces wear and tear on your body and mind.

Working with a coach is a powerful experience! The personal nature of 1:1 coaching allows for remarkable transformations, and my Personal Training/Coaching sessions are as unique and individual as you are. They are tailored to your needs – and provide guidance and support so that you can create the life you were born to live.

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We’ll take a holistic and co-creative approach – ie together we’ll re-imagine a BIGGER picture of your life, and create your personal plan for a HEALthier, WELLthier  and HAPPYer Lifestyle – not just one that you will love, but one you will love to live up to!

There are NO LIMITS to what we can do and achieve in our lives if we have the right guidance, tools and mindset, and I can assist you with –

  • Holistic Health, Wellness, Nutrition and Weight Loss and/or Management
  • Life Coach/Strategist and Spiritual Coach

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