Want to learn this amazing craft, but have no idea how/where to get started?

Getting Started in Macrame

This comprehensive new digital course launches 1st June 2019.

Find out more below…

You could spend hours, days and weeks hunting around for videos, tutorials and information, OR you can get it all in one place and learn at your own pace, how, when and where is convenient to you.

  1. WHAT YOU NEED – everthing you’ll need to start creating your first Macramé piece (chances are you already have some of it).
  2. ALL ABOUT CORD – the low-down on different types of cords and widths, and choosing the right one for you.
  3. GETTNG STARTED – tips to calculating cord length, measuring and cutting.
  4. KNOTOLOGY – an easy to follow guide to tying 10 easy knots (with diagrams and videos), as well as some of my secret tips to make it even easier.
  5. KNOTTING SEQUENCES – using some of the knots you’ve learnt, I’ll share some of my favourite “sequences” to create easy but beautiful patterns.
  6. FINISHING TOUCHES – all the little things you need to know to finish off your work of art with professional flair.
  7. LET’S GET KNOTTY – your very first Macrame project will be my “Sassafras” wall hanging – in an easy to follow format, that will leave you saying – “WOW, I made it myself!” 

By the time you’ve finished this short course, you’ll have all the skills, knowledge and confidence to design and make your own beautiful and unique Macramé creations – whether it be for yourself, family and friends, or even start your own home-based business!




This comprehensive e-course will normally sell for $97.00 (Aus), but to celebrate the launch of this new program on 1st June, I’m offering an EARLY BIRD purchase price

*  NOW JUST $75.00 *

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