“Zenergetic Bodies” is not just another weight loss program!

It is a holistic approach to nutrition, exercise and self care, so you can lead a happy and healthy  lifestyle!

What and how you eat fuels up your body with the essential nutrients, so it can operate at peak performance. You wouldn’t put low grade fuel in a high performance car and expect it to run at peak performance, so why would you expect your body to be any different? When your body operates at peak performance, so does your brain (mind) and before you know it you’re feeling great – both inside and out (soul).


What you WON’T find in the program…

  • You won’t find a “Ra Ra – Go Hard or Go Home” attitude,
  • You won’t find a “You’ll be spending hours in the kitchen” attitude, and
  • You won’t find any “Crash/Fad Dieting” anywhere in the program!

What you WILL find in the program…

  • You will find a relaxed, casual and unique approach,
  • You will find detailed information so you can start making informed decisions about nutrition, exercise & self care,
  • You will NOT feel deprived in any way – quite the opposite in fact, and
  • Your family and friends will love your new food flair!

What you will receive…

  • My 40+ page Zenergetic Bodies e-Book – a simple and practical guide to healthy nutrition, weight loss, exercise & more.
  • Weekly emails containing –
    • My weekly videos with nutrition & exercise information & tips.
    • My 7 day Meal and Exercise Planner.
    • A snapshot of what’s on the table at my house each week.

BONUS! You will also receive my 7 Day Detox/Retox Plan, which you can do BEFORE you start, to drastically improve your success!

What you won’t receive…

  1. Pre-prepared meal plans
  2. Pre-prepared exercise plans

The program comes from an educational perspective, and aims to teach you how to make your own valued decisions about what you eat, how you exercise etc. You will receive snapshots of what I am eating myself and you can use these as a guide when preparing your own meal plans – but my aim is to guide and support you in a way that gives you lifetime knowledge. I want you to be able to go to a restaurant and select something from the menu that fits with your own personal nutrition guidelines – not be struggling to find something that is “on your diet”.

This 6 week program comes as a 1 time purchase ~ the program is yours for life!

 INTRODUCTORY OFFER ~ ONLY $39.00 (Au) ~ Save 20%

The regular price of this program will be: $49.00 (Au)


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