I’m Cherene – a 50 something wife, mother, step mother, fur mum, nana – daughter, aunty, friend and much, much more…

My love affair with health and fitness began in late 2004 at the age of 41, when I discovered Pole Dancing! Before that running around after 4 kids and horse riding kept me pretty fit – but when I discovered pole dance/fitness it just intrigued me! In no time I was obsessed trying find out more about it and how I could get into this amazing new sport.

At that stage there were only 2 pole schools in Australia – and of course neither of them were anywhere near me. But I wasn’t going to let a little thing like that stop me, and before anyone knew it, I had a dance pole in the loungeroom, a bunch of DVD’s, and a pole buddy to learn and train with…yep, my then 19 yr old daughter Bailey got on board  – and we were both hopelessly addicted, and what a wild ride it became!


In 2005 we opened our first Pole Studio – Pol-arise Fitness & Dance. By 2008/9 we had won several business awards, were running multiple studios across Australia, and had introduced a range of other classes including Aerial Yoga, Ballet Barre, Stretch+Flex and Burlesque into our regular class schedules. In 2010 I started this blog/website as a platform to share my own articles, tips and information about health, fitness & weight loss.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to know more, learn more, experience more and do more – and I’ve spent a big part of my life learning as much as I can and studying a diverse and interesting range of subjects including…

  • Women’s Fitness – Pole Dance, Aerial Yoga, Barre Pilates, Yin Yoga and Cert III Fitness
  • Holistic Health, Wellness, Nutrition & Weight Loss
  • Meditation, Breath Work and Mindfulness
  • Supplements Educator – Sports, Natural, Herbal and Nootropics
  • Business Coach and Mentor – Sales, Marketing & Online Business

I also have a great passion for writing and speaking, as well as mentoring women on a 1:1 basis, and am always happy to share my own stories and experiences. I continue to learn, grow and evolve myself – and remain (always will) a work in progress!

These are some of the many faces of Cherene 🙂

Life CAN get “messy” – and mine is no different…

I’ve had some amazing highs AND some pretty awful lows – and there’s been a few times when it felt like Rock Bottom –

  • a VERY bitter, messy and lengthy divorce and custody battle
  • the loss and death of too many loved ones
  • have suffered chronic anxiety and depression, leading to health and weight problems
Then came the BIG one that rocked my world to the very core…

In September 2014, my youngest son Alex was found dead at his home at the age of 23. No reason, no explanation and no answers for almost a year. In that split second my life changed forever! It would NEVER be the same again! I would never be the same again, and my world crumbled around me 😦

Alex & Mum - cropped

Major grief, depression and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) followed, and after 18 months of “dealing and healing,” my husband and I decided to walk away from our  successful company of 10 years, pack up our lives in Sydney and head 3 hours north to get a fresh start in Port Stephens, NSW (Australia).

Life after Death…

When I finally came through it all, and acknowledged  all my past experiences have shaped the person I was 10 YEARS AGO, YESTERDAY, who I am TODAY and who I will be TOMORROW the real healing began!

The good news is that each time we get broken, we have the opportunity to “repair”, ultimately becoming even more beautiful because of our experience/s  – like this piece of pottery…


I am WHO I’m meant to be – this is ME…

Big love… Cherene ❤