Personally I’m a wife, mother, stepmother and nana. Professionally I’m a business woman, former kitchen & interior designer and sales/marketing manager. My husband, Graham and I (with our fur child Axel) live in Newcastle (Australia), and we have a tribe of adult children who are off living their own best lives.

I have always been interested in a broad range of things (something I inherited from my father), and have spent many years exploring human behaviour and how we can make our lives better, and for the last 15 years I’ve been dedicated to working almost exclusively with women, helping them look and feel fabulous.

My own health, fitness and life have not always been picture perfect (no one’s is) so let me share with you some of my own challenges…


In 2011, after going through a ridiculously busy and stressful few years growing the business, I had put on a bit of weight. I had been so busy running the business, and not putting enough focus on ME, on eating right and looking after mySELF that it kind snuck up on me. That little bit of weight was in fact over 20kg (which on my little frame was massive). I felt like shit, I looked like shit (and 20 years older), the mood swings were horrendous and it got to the point where I was sick ALL the time, tired all the time, hated myself, my body and the world in general.

So I did what most people would do and headed off to my trusty doctor looking for answers and solutions. Do you know what I got? “Go home and take a multi-vitamin.” I was like, is he for real? SO, I went to another doctor and got pretty much the same response.

By this stage I was so dis-enchanted with the conventional medical system that I began searching for my own answers. In doing hundreds and hundreds of hours of my own research I found what I believed was the answer – and with that the SOLUTION!

Long story made short – I lost all the weight (and a bit more), had more energy than I knew what to do with, looked great, and FELT a million bucks!

Everything I discovered and learned fascinated me – and before anybody knew it I had signed on the dotted line to get qualified in Holistic/Functional Health & Wellbeing, Human and Sports Nutrition and Weight Management.

Now I share everything I’ve learned from my own experience, and of course  training as a Holistic Nutrition, Health, Fitness & Wellness Practitioner, Educator and Coach.


Like most people, I’ve had my fair share of shitty times, and plenty of highs, lows, challenges and set backs along the way – a super messy divorce and custody battle, the loss of a 2 of my closest friends to suicide, and a breast cancer scare.

Then in September 2014 my world changed forever, with the sudden death of my youngest son, Alex at the age of 23.

I won’t go into the full story here, but I will tell you, losing Alex almost broke me, and for a a few years there I threw in the towel.  I walked away from my business of 10 years and my husband and I packed up our lives in Sydney and headed north to Port Stephens (NSW).

That time of dealing and healing were actually extremely productive! In learning to help and heal myself, I acquired a whole new set of skills and tools to help others – eg. Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor/Guide, Stress Management, Life and Spiritual Coach, and a few other cool things.

Now I love to write, speak, teach and create thought provoking content across a broad range of topics, drawing from cutting-edge science, wisdom of the ages, lessons from modern culture, and of course my own life experiences to explore how we can make our lives healthier, happier, simpler and more balanced.

I’m looking forward to learning how I can help you!  ❤️

Here are a few photo’s from my family album 😉