Mental WELLth

Mental WELLth – a more valuable currency than money! Small investments in our mental HEALth can create big returns in our mental WELLth.

Let me ask you a question! How much time, energy and hard earned $$$$ do you invest in your PHYSICAL health, and fitness?  Think about it for a minute – that gym membership, your push bike, or whatever physical activity you engage in? What about the gym wear and those expensive runners you wear? Those supplements you take to build muscle and keep your body performing well? That weight loss program. Doctors, physio, chiropractor and osteopath fees?

Now let me ask you another question! How much time, energy and hard earned $$$$ do you invest your MENTAL health and fitness? I’m guessing not as much as on your physical health and fitness!


Why is this? Why is it that for the most part, our priority is on our PHYSICAL health rather than our MENTAL health?

Maybe it’s time to shift our priorities and start placing EQUAL value on our Physical and Mental health and fitness? How different would our perspectives be? How different would our outlook on life be? How different would our levels of happiness be, if we were Mind, Body & Spirit Fit? 

We can’t control a lot of stressful situations and make them go away just because we want them to – BUT what we can do is take control of and responsibility for how we MANAGE our mental health and stress to reduce the symptoms and severity, and ultimately it’s overall impact on our Mental WELLth!


Mental Wellth Begins with Me