The MIND Fit Project

MIND Fitness is a life skill that supports our overall well-being, resilience, endurance, concentration and empathy, and includes simple yet powerful techniques that create the mental fitness and endurance to focus our attention, manage a range of different emotions, alleviate stress, trauma and anxiety, and resolve conflict.


It is a “skill” that in this modern day world of 24/7 connection and BUSYness, is becoming more and more necessary if we are to reduce the mental health crisis currently sweeping the world.

WHAT IF  – I could show you a way to attain and maintain a calm and rational mind, in a crazy and irrational world?

WHAT IF – we focused on raising Mentally Strong, Fit and Resilient children – families – workplaces – communities?

WHAT IF – we could change the face of the mental health crisis – in just one generation?