There IS More To Life

One of the greatest investments we can make in life is in OURSELF! 

Often we are too busy or distracted to focus on ourselves – yet it is from within ourselves that everything else in life stems and flows! You wouldn’t build a house without a solid foundation, so why would you settle for building a life without a solid foundation.

Sometimes life throws challenges at us – personal, relationship, business, financial and health issues can wreak havoc with our lives. Juggling work and personal responsibilities can overwhelm us. We work too hard, eat badly, party hard, drink too much and before we know it we are paying the price – mentally, physically, emotionally, and at a deeper level – a more spiritual level – and often these “challenges” will raise philosophical and spiritual questions!

“What the “f” have I been doing with my life these last X number of years?”  “Surely there has to be more to life???”  “Who am I and what do I REALLY want out of life?” 

More and more these days, people are seeking answers to these all important questions, and an understanding of the “Meaning of Life”… and so begins their “quest” to find answers, to find inner peace, to take control of their life, and enjoy a life of bliss…


To truly make a difference in your life and create the solid foundations required to create life changing transformation, you need to start at a deeper place. You need to excavate down to uncover, and hone in on the real you. Traditional life coaching typically does not address your spirit or honour its path (your true self).

I work with my clients to design a life that truly honours and aligns with who they are at their very core! Unlike most traditional “life coaches” I do not believe in the one size-fits-all method. My unique Lifestyle Design approach offers simple and practical, yet powerful tools and concepts to raise your awareness – and bringing change to one area of your life can start an avalanche of positive change in other areas as well. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you begin to gain more clarity and experience life changing transformation!

We are all responsible for our own choices. Even deciding to do nothing is still choice we make. There is a lot of power in that knowledge, especially when you realise you can control your reality by making CONSCIOUS CHOICES, instead of being governed by the unconscious ones that stem from outdated beliefs, past wounds and negative experiences.

If you’re ready to STOP letting life and its challenges control you, and START living a happier, healthier and more meaningful life, by working with me we will create roadmap to a “Life by Design”. One which aligns with who you are at your very core, and one which feels right for you at all levels – Mind, Body and Spirit.