It’s not about spending hours in the gym or striving for perfection, it’s about defining YOUR health and feeling strong & confident in YOUR own skin!

This is…

  • NOT limited to just one style of fitness or movement.
  • NOT limited to a gym or studio environment.
  • NOT limited by age, shape or level of fitness.

My Low/No Impact ZENergy FiT Private Training is unlike other gym-based Personal Training fitness sessions. It is my personally curated blend of all the BEST and most EFFECTIVE parts of Functional Fitness, and has been designed to get maximum results for my clients.

You don’t have to sweat it out at the gym to achieve your goals…everything you need is at your fingertips! It doesn’t matter your fitness level or body type, you CAN revolutionise your personal training experience

CORE & MORE – Not just another Pilates or Barre class! My signature blend at the barre, on the mat, with/without pilates ball and hand weights is a more intelligent way of moving your body to sculpt, tone and create long, lean, strong and flexible muscles.

CORE & MORE | Suspension & Resistance Training – Discover a smarter, more intuitive way to move and strengthen every part of your body, build a strong core and increase stability using suspension straps and resistance bands.

CORE & RESTORE – MOVE your body, CALM your mind, find your ZEN and boost your ENERGY using gentle Yin Yoga, Stretch and Foam Roller inspired movements.

Virtual & Live Private Training Sessions

You can book Private training session/s which can be VIRTUAL (in the comfort of your own home by Zoom) or LIVE at my tree tops outdoor studio at my home in Lake Macquarie (near Newcastle NSW).

** PLEASE NOTE: During Covid-19, all Private Trainings will be VIRTUAL until further notice.

How it Works

I offer 1-Off Private Trainings OR packages of Six (6) or Twelve (12) Private Training sessions. I also offer complete Transformation Packages (find out more here).

Prior to your first private training session, we will catch up for a 30 minute Initial Consultation so I can get an idea of where you are currently at, and how I can best support and help you achieve your goals. This is essential before the first private training session will be scheduled. I will then start designing a customised program to get you started (within 7 business days) and we can then schedule your Private Training session/s.

Ready to get started?
  • Book & pay for your Initial Consultation direct into my Calendar below. This cost comes off any 6 or 12 week training package.
  • You will receive a link to your Zoom appointment and it will be confirmed the day before it is to take place.
  • We’ll catch up for your initial consultation and I will then start creating your custom designed private training program. This usually takes 5-7 days.
  • Once complete, I will contact you to schedule your first private training session/s. Full payment is required in advance and will be required at this time.

PLEASE NOTE: All consultations and training sessions are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

  • Initial Consultations are available Monday, Tuesday & Thursday at 12pm or 1pm. Other times available by arrangement. Get in touch for more details.
  • Private Training Sessions are available Monday – Friday from 8am – 6pm EST (Sydney time).
  • All communications take place in English.
1-to-1 Private Training
  • 30-minute Initial Consultation (by Zoom) – $50
  • 1-Off Private Training session – $100
  • 6 Private Training sessions – $500 (initial consultation already discounted)
  • 12 Private Training sessions – $950 (initial consultation already discounted)
Semi-Private Training (2 people)

Share your sessions with a friend, keep each other accountable, share some laughs AND take 50% OFF the second person’s price. Initial Consultation price still applies to each of you.

  • 6 Private Training sessions – $ 750 ($375 each)
  • 12 Private Training sessions – $1425 ($712 each)
Small Group Private Training

Gather the girls, and I’ll host a private group class just for you! Minimum of 5 and up to 10 participants at a cost of $40 per person. No initial consultation required for private group sessions. Get in touch for more details.

All payments are due at time of booking and is in Australian $$$. A Paypal link will be sent by email for you to make your payment, and your booking will be confirmed upon receipt of payment.