My Pole Dance Story


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How it all started…

I first discovered Pole Dancing for fitness back in 2004 after seeing it on television! Given that I had ZERO interest in the gym, this looked like a great option to get fitter AND have a bit of fun – but sadly back then there were only 2 Pole Studios in Australia – and neither of them anywhere near me 😦

I tried to work out how I could get in on the action. Truth be told, it became a bit of an obsession. I managed to find a few videos, but getting a dance pole proved to be impossible. It became clear that if I wanted this enough I would have to MAKE it happen!

I researched everything I could find about dance poles, and then called on my old design skills to draw up my own dance pole and shop it around some Stainless Steel fabricators. I finally found a guy who would make what I had drawn up (with lots of eye rolling and knowing looks) – but I soon had my own dance pole. I had no idea what to do with it (yet) but at least I had a pole!

A couple of weeks later, the dodgy videos I had ordered online arrived and I was set to get to started! My daughter and I spent hours and hours watching those videos, trying to copy the moves and must have hit the rewind button a thousand times on each individual move! We kept at it – ended up battered and bruised everywhere, but the end result was a couple of girls who understood intimately what goes into every move, and had developed a unique understanding of the science and physics behind it all.

It didn’t take long for friends to start coming over to try it out. They started bringing their friends, and so it grew. Before we knew it, we had 64 ladies a week coming to our house to learn to Pole Dance! We were apparently “open for business” – and in 2005 Pol-arise Fitness and Dance was born!

Pol-arise continued to grow and evolve exponentially, and continues to operate to this day with studios in Newcastle (NSW) and Adelaide (SA). Over the years I have taught literally thousands of ladies this beautiful and challenging form of fitness and trained countless Instructors – and now I look forward to training you too through my ZENergy One online and live trainings