When you jump on my team, whether as a Wholesale Customer, Wellness Advocate or as an upcoming Leader, your joining fee is waived! That’s right! It is absolutely 100% FREE when you purchase any enrolment kit!

You can enrol from most countries in the world. A range of fantastic enrolment kits are available, depending on where you live:
United States / Canada / Australia / New Zealand / Europe / Hong Kong

Currently these countries are also supported:

  • Australia | New Zealand | USA | Canada | Mexico | Central America-Other | Europe | French Polynesia | Guatemala | Hong Kong | Japan | Singapore | South Korea | Taiwan

(Other countries are able to order, but will require a US address which can then forward you your oils.)


The most popular way to start, and the one I normally recommend is the Home Essentials Kit and don’t forget to add a Fractionated Coconut Oil to your first order.



Please read carefully, and make sure you follow these exact steps!

  • Click this link: https://www.mydoterra.com/cherenets/#/
  • Click Join & Save at the top of the page.
  • Choose the country and language that’s appropriate for you.
  • If asked, select the shipping option for your country or closest to where you live.
  • Choose Wholesale Customer (NOT Preferred Member Prices or Wholesale Prices) to get the same generous discount on your oils as we do.
  • Enter your personal information. We recommend you do include your tax information if asked, but this can be done later.
  • At Enroller id, make sure my number 5064228 is displayed then click verify to see my name (to ensure you receive access to my mentoring and trainings).
  • Choose a password.
  • When you purchase an Enrolment Kit the $35 enrolment fee will be waived and is the most intelligent way to join. The most popular kit is the Home Essentials Kit (& add Fractionated Coconut Oil) or, if you’re ready to dive head first into your new business, the Oil Sharing Kit represents incredible value and is a great way to get started!. If you just want to start with a basic kit, select the Essential Collection. Be sure to select the $35 introductory packet if you’re not choosing an Enrolment Kit and only purchasing a few oils.
  • Enter your Credit Card details and process your order.
  • Once your payment processes, you’ll be asked whether you want to set up your Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) order. This is voluntary, however, if you’re looking at exploring the business opportunity, a monthly order is essential so you can get paid commissions. If you’re simply interested in being a customer, you’ll love the LRP for the free product incentives! If you enrolled with the Essential Collection, or the Home Essentials Kit, we suggest adding the Mood Management oils to your LRP order for the following month. If you decide to go ahead and set this up, select a date — preferably between the 2nd and 7th of next month and you’ll receive a FREE oil from doTERRA if your order reaches 125PV or more. To finalize your LRP, select your oils, and enter your payment details one more time.

Please note: your credit card will NOT be processed until the date you’ve selected for shipping and you can update your order at anytime if you change your mind.



We know you’ll fall for them, just like we did. You’ll find plenty of recipes and beautiful rituals in the Path to Freedom portal, as well as loads of ideas in our fortnightly ‘Oils Empowerment Sessions’.

* And if that’s as far as you want to take your journey? Perfect! *

You can keep on enjoying your oils, take advantage of Wholesale Pricing and monthly offers from doTERRA (if you wish), and enjoy some hefty discounts along the way. (There are no lock-in contracts, by the way.)

And if you ever decide to venture further, you can take the next step WHENEVER you like — Biz Camp and Path to Freedom will always be available to you. No pressure!


We’ll send you your unique Path to Freedom login details.

(If you don’t hear from us within 2 business days, you can shoot an email to hello@cherenets.com and we’ll get it sorted.)


If you find yourself OBSESSED with these botanical beauties, and want to start sharing them with others, it’s time to start creating your Path to Freedom! Dive into the member’s portal and start working your way through the trainings, workshops, checklists and more. You can also hang out with us in the private Facebook group and join us for our monthly group Momentum Sessions.

And from there? Well Frankly, the world is your oyster! 🙂

Tick off the boxes, keep showing up, and watch in gratitude as your business turns a bright, shiny shade of abundant. (Blue Diamond is going to look stunning on you, beautiful! ❤


Like everything in life, you’ll only get out of this program what you put into it. We’ll be there to support you all the way, but (of course) I can’t guarantee you the same results. That part comes from showing up, doing the work, and staying the course! That said, we want you to feel amazing about investing in yourself. dōTERRA offers an industry leading Returns Policy, so if you give the oils a go and decide it’s not for you, simply get in touch with the amazing team at dōTERRA to organise a *full refund or credit (depending on how long it has been since you purchased).