About Pole Dance

Just Fun & Sexy Fitness OR is it a Mind/Body Workout?

Pole dancing is a full-body workout with resistance training, cardio and flexibility all in one workout. Pole dancers perform acrobatic tricks either suspending their weight on, or propelling it around a dance pole. Just the simple act of climbing a pole is an incredible feat of strength and it should be no surprise that most pole dancers say they have never looked or felt better and are in the best shape of their life!

But beyond the physical – what about the mental benefits of this unique sport? Does it have an impact on our Mind as much as our Body? In my opinion (and I think most pole dancers would agree with me), YES! The mental and emotional benefits of Pole Dancing definitely need to be acknowledged.

So here’s 5 MORE good reasons to try Pole Dancing (just in case you needed a few more)

  1. we FEEL HAPPIER as our Endorphins (the Happy Hormones) are boosted for several hours after a class,
  2. the STRESS RELIEF that comes with being surrounded by happy and supportive people.
  3. the SOCIAL aspect of “hanging around” with other like-minded women in a non-judgmental environment,
  4. the EMPOWERMENT and SELF CONFIDENCE that is experienced by the majority of women,
  5. increased MOTIVATION to exercise more, eat better and live a healthier life.

All pretty good reasons to give Pole Dancing a try if you haven’t already!

There are many styles of Pole Dance, but here are the main ones –

  1. There are serious pole athletes who perform gravity-defying tricks and displaying mind boggling strength and fitness.
  2. There are those who embrace the more artistic side that pole has to offer. The simplicity of a vertical apparatus is appealing as so much can be created and so many stories told.
  3. And finally, the sexy side of pole is still loved and practiced by many, and is very much part of the history of the sport.

Although there is some debate about which direction pole is heading, all these forms continue to grow and flourish, with many embracing ALL these styles.

In this ever evolving sport, there is definitely something for everyone!

Some people don’t learn from from suitably qualified/experienced instructors and instead try to figure it out with an improperly installed pole and YouTube, which is a recipe for disaster. Some people can be too eager to attempt advanced moves that are way beyond their level of strength, capability and knowledge . This can be especially dangerous and can lead to head or spinal cord injury. This isn’t meant to scare anyone away – but rather to encourage everyone to go through gradually progressive training with a experienced Instructor. That’s where I come in!

While we’re on the subject of Instructors…not everyone who CAN Pole Dance make good Instructors! Some are naturals and some are not! There are a number of abilities and qualities that I believe are essential. So what does make a GREAT Instructor?

Here’s the Top 7 things that I look for in ANY Instructor –

  1. to break down a move into infinite parts,
  2. to verbalise how to execute a move,
  3. to visually analyse what a student is doing wrong in order to make corrections,
  4. to make modifications to suit individual students,
  5. to teach skilfully, safely and with integrity at all times,
  6. to be creative in their teaching approach in any given moment, and
  7. to bring an inspiring and energising class experience

Standing on the other side of the pole as an Instructor is VERY different to being a student, and I bring my 13+ years as the owner of a group of Pole Studios, teaching thousands of Students and training Instructors around the country to be the best they can be to my Pole Dance trainings.

The purpose of our Pole Instructor Training is to provide you with the foundation to teach skillfully, safely, and with integrity, and provide you with a unique set of skills to develop and deliver an inspiring and energising experience that YOUR clients/students will love!

Pole Instructor Courses include:

  • LEVEL 1 (Beginners > Intermediate)
  • LEVEL 2 (Intermediate > Advanced)
  • POLE FiiT & FLEX (Strength/Conditioning & Stretch/Flex)