Chia Seed Protein Pudding

Chia seeds are mini powerhouse! The reason they are so beneficial is due to them being rich in fibre, omega-3 fats, protein, vitamins and minerals, and also contain essential fatty acids alpha-linolenic and linoleic acid, mucin, strontium, Vitamins A, B, E, and D, and minerals including sulphur, iron, iodine,  magnesium, manganese, niacin, thiamine, and they are a rich … Continue reading Chia Seed Protein Pudding

Rocket, Spinach & Pear Salad

Looking for a little salad inspiration? Look no further than this fresh and tasty Rocket, Spinach & Pear variation. Ingredients - Rocket and Baby Spinach leaves Raw walnuts (roughly crumbled) Pear (sliced) Parmesan (shavings) Dressing ingredients - Extra Virgin Olive Oil Directions - The best thing about this salad, is that you can use as … Continue reading Rocket, Spinach & Pear Salad

Celery, Apple & Fennel Salad

Looked at Fennel, but not really sure what to do with it? Fennel has a very subtle aniseed flavour and certainly brings something extra to this simple little number... Ingredients 1/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons lemon juice 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil Coarse grained salt and cracked black pepper 2 large apples, julienned 1 medium … Continue reading Celery, Apple & Fennel Salad

Lemon Pepper Chicken & Grilled Veg

Ingredients: 1 tblspn Lemon Rind (grated finely) 2 tspns Cracked Black Pepper 1/3 cup Lemon Juice (fresh squeezed) 2 tspns Extra Virgin Olive Oil 6-8 Chicken Tenderloins (skin off) Vegetables: 2 x Zucchini cut in half lengthways 2 x Carrots cut in half lengthways 4 x Pieces Pumpkin sliced thinly 1 x bunch fresh Asparagus … Continue reading Lemon Pepper Chicken & Grilled Veg

Fresh Herbed Fish with Asparagus, Zucchini & Pumpkin

You just can't go past this quick, easy and yummy Fresh Herbed Fish for a dinner the whole family will love. Ingredients 1/2 cup chopped mixed fresh herbs (such as parsley, dill, basil and chives) 2 tsp finely grated lemon rind 6 (about 150g each) firm white fish fillets (such as ling or perch) 3 … Continue reading Fresh Herbed Fish with Asparagus, Zucchini & Pumpkin