The Art of AgeLESS

What if I told you the secret to feeling younger could be as simple as adjusting your mindset?


This is the Art of AgeLESS!

While everyone gets older, not everyone feels their age, so if you’re already feeling  young at heart, then keep doing whatever you’re doing, because it turns out that the old saying “age is just a number” and “feeling younger than your years” are not just old wives tales!

I recently came across an article about a recent study published in Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, researchers have found people who felt younger (subjective age) than their chronological age (brain age) not only showed fewer signs of brain ageing and age-related deterioration, but they also scored higher in memory tests, felt less depressed and showed increased brain function than those who felt their age or older! This study is the first to find a link between subjective age and brain aging.

They performed MRI brain scans in 68 healthy people whose ages ranged from 59-84 years. People who felt younger than their age were more likely to score higher on a memory test, considered their health to be better and were less likely to report depressive symptoms. Critically, those who felt younger than their age showed increased gray matter volume in key brain regions. The researchers used the MRI data to calculate estimated brain ages for the participants.

The Findings? Researchers believe those who feel younger are more likely to lead a more physically and mentally active life, leading to a healthier brain. However, for those who feel older, the opposite is likely true.

It just goes to show that a few simple Mindset and Lifestyle changes can lead to Younger, Healthier YOU!

HEALth & HAPPYness matters…

Good health is not a destination! It’s a journey and a lifestyle, which includes a personal commitment to be moving toward the right end of the wellness spectrum.

We are HEALTHiest and HAPPYest when we claim ownership over our own state of mind, nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress levels, so taking a HOLISTIC view of all these – including healthy, nutritious food choices, making physical exercise/fitness a priority,  and making time for self care/personal growth just makes sense!

The goal is to restore balance and natural order in the body so our body, mind and spirit can operate at optimum levels to achieve maximum well-being and longevity.

Our quality of life – both now and in the future, is totally dependent on the multitude of seemingly unimportant choices we make NOW – every single day. Here are 4 Very Good Reasons Why You Should Lead a Healthy Life.