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One of the things we work so hard for…..and so worth it!

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Eat Smart – Tip #3

Let’s go green – what I’m saying here girls and boys is EAT YOUR VEGIES! And let’s not just leave it at the green ones, get stuck into the red, yellow, orange and purple ones too – the more colourful the better it is for YOU!

How Much – How Often? You can have pretty well as much as you like, but your plate should have AT LEAST 2 handfuls of leafy green and other colourful vegetables at each meal as well as your 1 handful of lean protein (refer to Tip #1) – and there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying them as snacks throughout the day either!

Vegies pack an awesome punch when it comes to fibre, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants – they’ll keep you body functioning like a well oiled machine, boost your immune system and prevent many chronic diseases.fruitveggie1

Eat Smart – Tip #2

Don’t skips meals! If you want to lose more, you need to EAT MORE, not less! 5- 6 smaller meals a day, about 3 hours apart will keep your metabolism revved and burning fat all day- and you won’t be hungry (I promise).

WHAT you eat and WHEN you eat are the key to keeping both your metabolism and  energy levels running high – and you’ll be saying goodbye to the mid afternoon slump in no time!

don't skip meals

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Eat Smart – Tip #1


Have some LEAN Protein with EVERY meal! Chicken, red meat, fish, turkey and eggs are just a few sources you can add to each meal. Protein is vital for muscle growth and recovery as well as several other essential functions in your body.

How much should you have? Definitely not a 500g steak! One serve should fit in the palm of your hand – and if you want your body to be lean, make sure the protein you eat is lean!

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Want to lose weight? Eat MORE, not less!

portrait of a young woman eating measuring tape with a forkEating More = Losing More…..True or False? TRUE! So make like a cow and graze all day….well not quite ALL day, but you should be eating at least 5-6 smaller meals a day.

Over the next 7 days, I’ll give you 7 tips to Eating Smarter, so make sure you pop by each day for the next tip. Ready for the first one????