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Every Body Odyssey class has been carefully and thoughtfully designed with YOU and your goals in mind! They are low/no impact (ie. no running, jumping or throwing heavy stuff around), and are FUN, a little CHALLENGING and super EFFECTIVE!

These fun, one-of-a-kind classes are unlike anything you have ever experienced before and will give you a very different TOTAL BODY training experience incorporating traditional Barre, Pilates, Yoga and Functional fitness into our new suspension & bungee based workouts that are perfect for EVERY BODY no matter who you are or where you’re starting from!! ALL ages, sizes and fitness abilities are welcome and encouraged to come along.

Our programs will work ALL muscle groups, leaving you with a more balanced body and mind, and by taking classes consistently, you will notice a significant increase in strength, balance, core stability, improved co-ordination, flexibility and posture, and an in increase bone density and overall vitality.

K08 Kurves

If you want the fit, strong and healthy physique of a dancer – why not train like a dancer! This 40 min class is designed to lift it, sculpt it, tone it and strengthen it so to get you the arms, abs and derrière you’ve always dreamed of.

KURVES starts out with a warm up followed by a series of Barre + Pilates inspired moves performed with the K08 to build total body strength. We’ll wrap it up with a gentle yoga inspired stretch, flex and flow sequence to cool down, stretch our bodies, refocus our minds and find complete balance!

Who is it for? ANY age, size or fitness ability. NO previous ballet, pilates or yoga experience required. Come as you are and we’ll start where you’re at!

The Benefits – This fun workout will have you building strength, balance, core stability, better co-ordination, improve flexibility and posture, increase bone density and vitality.

What to bring – BYO yoga mat, 2 towels (1 for your mat & 1 for your body), bottle of water, Grip Socks OR soft, flexible shoes (think Skechers, Jazz Shoes).

K08 Kinetic

The name of this class says it all – “kinetic energy” is used to describe the energy of motion. Any object in motion possesses kinetic energy, and this energy can be harnessed, transferred, and transformed to do the work, and this one-of-a-kind total body functional workout will have you doing just that using the multi-dimensional K08 in suspension, resistance and bungee modes.

KINETIC is guaranteed to challenge your body and mind (in all the best ways) and is a more functional and naturally intuitive way to move your body and strengthen your core (and more) with a total body workout. You’ll have more fun than you ever thought possible, and we’ll wrap up with a gentle stretch, flex and flow to refocus our minds and stretch our bodies to find complete balance!

Who is it for? Women and men of ALL ages! This class is particularly beneficial for people who haven’t exercised for a while, active seniors, those carrying a bit of extra weight, and anyone getting back into some exercise after an injury or illness (Dr’s clearance recommended of course).

The Benefits – expect to build strength, balance, core stability, better co-ordination, improve flexibility and posture, increase bone density and vitality.

What to bring – BYO yoga mat, 2 towels (1 for your mat & 1 for your body) and a bottle of water. Wear comfortable clothing – leggings or snug fitting shorts, and soft, flexible shoes (think Skechers, Jazz Shoes). Any other equipment required will be provided in class.

I know you’re going to love this fun new class!


Spring/Summer 2020 ~ 12th October to 18th December


We want to welcome you with open arms, so we have 2 different offers for you to choose from –

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