1:1 Virtual Training

Is this you?
  • You want to ramp up your health and fitness routine to reach your goals a little quicker;
  • You dislike the gym but want (need) to get on top of your weight, health & fitness,
  • You need someone you can train with, who will keep you inspired and accountable.
  • You want a more exclusive and premium level client experience than you’ll get in a gym.

If you answered YES to any or all of these, then Private Training with Cherene is for YOU!

My 1:1 training programs are designed to give you a lasting positive experience.

With over 16 years as a specialist trainer in Low/No Impact fitness, Cherene’s exclusive private training is perfect for the busy person looking for a different style of training. One that keeps you inspired, motivated and hitting your goals.

If traditional gym style workouts bore you, overwhelm you &/or just don’t inspire you, then you’re going to love Cherene’s Private Training sessions where we incorporate just the right amount of fun and laughter with a serious workout, accompanied by a killer playlist – all designed to burn calories, build muscles, tone and sculpt and leave you feeling a little sweaty, and lot inspired and motivated for our next session together.

Cherene offers exclusive, premium level one-to-one Private Training to a very LIMITED number of clients of all sizes and abilities, and is available by appointment most weekdays and the occasional Saturday (by special appointment only).

What to expect from Private Training!  We’ll start off with an initial consultation where we will discuss your medical history, as well as your health, fitness and weight loss goals. This consultation is designed to help me learn more about you, what you’re looking for from your training, and how I can best help you. We’ll also go through a light exercise program to help me ascertain your current level of fitness which forms the foundation for the first program I will design for you.

How does it work? Together we work on high quality functional fitness and overall happiness. It’s all about the QUALITY of the workout – NOT the QUANTITY of workouts. You can expect core conditioning, balance, suspension & resistance training, cardio, flexibility… all designed to get you the fit and healthy body you’re looking for.

What kind of training will we do? Our sessions will incorporate a mix of Suspension Barre/Pilates as well as Resistance & Body Weight training, with a special emphasis on stretching, flexibility and mobility. You will also have access to my Library of Encore Workouts for exercising and stretching in between your in-studio sessions, and a travel program should you be heading away on business or holidays.

Is Nutrition and Weight Loss coaching available? As a Healthy Fitness, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach/Mentor, Cherene can also include this in your program! See more about Healthy Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching here, and/or ask for more info when booking your Private Training sessions.

Each training session is private, professional and safe. The object is to create a new you with someone you trust and in an environment you are comfortable in. You will be able to achieve your goals and push yourself to new limits.