You’ve covered the basics and are ready to share your “business baby” with the world…..but how are you going to get your message out there?

In today’s high tech world the marketing and sales opportunities are endless, and in this one day seminar I’ll be sharing some simple sales and marketing tools to get your message out there, build a loyal following, and create your own unique place in the business world!

In “Unleash Your Business Bliss” we’ll be talking…

  • Online & Social Marketing ~ building your tribe through your website, social media, blogs and email marketing
  • Compelling Adverts ~ what works, what doesn’t and why
  • X-Factor ~ offerings and customer service that make them go, WOW!
  • Outsourcing ~ I’ll be sharing some of my favourite products and services that I use in my businesses ~ and will make your life easier
  • Personal Development/Wellness ~ essential for any savvy, passionate business owner
  • Q & A ~ hit me with your questions people.

Cost:   $297 ~includes PDF course notes. Each participant will also receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the day!