Healthy Weight Loss

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WEIGHT LOSS – It’s become such complicated subject over the last few years….or so the supposed “experts” and self-appointed “gurus” would have us believe!

Where do you start? What program should you go with…. NO Carb, LOW Carb, Carb Cycling, I Quit Sugar, Paleo, Atkins Diet, Vegetarian/Vegan, Clean Eating???  The list is endless!

We only live once, and to be honest life is too short for deprivation, calorie counting, hard and fast rules and guilt around eating. It IS possible to lose weight and enjoying long term health by focusing on SIMPLICITY and enjoying REAL food!

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The JUICY BODY TRANSFORMATION is a healthy, sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle program – free of deprivation, rules and calorie restriction! Lose weight, tone up and more importantly gain HEALTH and VITALITY and live your JUICIEST life ever! Find out more about JBT in this short video…