Weight Loss & Lifestyle Transformation

I believe that when the three (3) main areas of our lives are all fit, healthy and balanced (mentally, physically and spiritually) you can and will enjoy life more fully. It is what I aim for in my own life every day – and in my opinion is something we should all be seeking in our lives!

My ZENERGY ONE 56 DAY REBOOT is not like other weight loss programs! It is a common sense lifestyle approach to healthy nutrition and movement (exercise)  so you can lead a healthier, more active life!

There is a big difference between diet and dieting!

  • Diet is the food and fluids you put into your body to nourish it, fuel it and keep it running like a well oiled machine – think Formula 1 race cars or the Space Shuttle.
  • Dieting on the other hand is more about losing weight and often conjures up thoughts of extreme diets and feelings of deprivation – lettuce and water anyone?

Let’s face it, dieting and weight loss have over the years become a minefield, AND in more recent times has snowballed into a multi-BILLION dollar industry right around the world….from Atkins and Paleo to No Carb and Sugar Free to name just a few. WHERE DO YOU START?

The Zenergy One 56 Day Reboot is NOT a weight loss program as such – although it IS ideal for people who want/need to lose weight, gain weight or just maintain a healthy weight – because the “solution” is based on simple, practical nutritional principles that are suitable for EVERY body – women, men and the entire family! It is not some random fad diet where you can expect to lose a lot of weight quickly (only to end up putting it back on again later). This is a LIFESTYLE APPROACH to help you start making smart and healthy choices way beyond this first 56 days.

My Story…

In 2011 I had “acquired” a few extra kilo’s (about 20kg to be exact) mainly due to stress related ill health and a lousy diet! As a result I was suffering from a chronic Cortisol imbalance (read more below). I felt like shit, I looked like shit, and I was struggling to function. This is EXACTLY what I did myself to lose that 20kg (around 1/3 of my body weight), get my life back – and keep it off for ever since (now 4 years). You’ll notice that I also lost about 15 years in age as well! 😉 To this day I maintain my weight at around 47-48kg all year round. You’ll find out more about my personal weight loss story in our coaching, and look forward to working with you as you embark on your journey to good health and happier, more active lifestyle. Here are my embarrassing BEFORE, and feelin’ oh so good AFTER photos…


Ready to Get Started?

Reboot your system and get ready to meet your weight loss goals head on with this complete healthy nutrition and lifestyle program. We’re not going to just tell what to eat and when to eat – NO, NO, NO! We’re going to educate you about smart nutrition, fitness and wellness so you can make your own smart choices long after the 56 Day program is over!

Here’s what you’ll receive…

✓ my 60 plus page “56 Day Reboot” e-Book containing everything you need to know about healthy nutrition, fitness and supplements,

✓ a 7 day Detox plan to get you started – followed by

✓ a full 7 day meal plan for week 2, complete with recipes

✓ you’ll be enjoying REAL food and eating like REAL people – and I can almost guarantee that the rest of the family is going to love it as much as you do, so there’s no extra meal prepping required for different meals just for you.

✓ we encourage you to “FIND YOUR FITNESS” (whatever it might be) – cardio, weights, martial arts, yoga, pilates, boxing, pole dancing, surfing, running, tennis, rock climbing, team sports….the possibilities are endless!

✓ you’ll also get tips on getting moving, grooving and working out for absolute new exercisers to regulars – plus a handpicked list of online workout sites if you wish to move and groove at home.

✓ an initial “check-in” (weigh in & measure up) and supplement consultation to talk about your goals, recommend the best supplements for YOU and answer any questions you may have.

✓ 2 x 30 min phone follow-ups (at the half way mark, and in the final week).

✓ you’ll also have email access to my team for any advice, motivation or ass-whooping you may need during the 56 days – just to keep you on track!

ALL THIS costs only $99 and I’m confident that you’ll be feeling like a whole new person in no time – healthier, getting fitter, more confident, and have more energy than you know what to do with!

1-on-1 Weight Loss/Lifestyle Coaching:

  • Initial Consult (45-50 min):    $ 75.00
  • VIP – 4 Follow Ups (30 min):   $180.00
  • Small Groups: Please contact me for more details


  • Fees are quoted in Australian dollars, and are payable at time of booking. 
  • There are no refunds or credits for any sessions that you miss.
  • Should you need to re-schedule a session at anytime, 24 hours notice is required, otherwise the session is forfeited. 
  • Sessions are conducted in English via Skype, and are available anywhere around the world.
  • Face-to-Face coaching is available in Port Stephens (NSW). Contact me for more details.


56 Day Reboot

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