Has your studio or small business got you overwhelmed, stressed & exhausted? Do you need to re-ignite your passion & get back on track?

Has your small business got you overwhelmed, stressed out and exhausted? Need to re-ignite your passion & get it back on track?

Or maybe you don’t have a business (yet), but you DO have a big, hairy, audacious goal to create one – but no clue where to start!

young-blonde-woman-feeling-like-happy-excited-genius-after-realizing-new business idea-cheerfully-raising-finger

Either way – if you’re ready to get more clarity, and put the FREEDOM and FUN back in your business and life  – you’re in the right place!

With over 30 years in business, and nearly 15 years as a Dance Fitness & Wellness studio owner myself, I now help and support –
  • Boutique Dance & Fitness studios
  • Health & Wellness professionals
  • Creative Entrepreneurs & Service based businesses
This is for you you if you are –
  • Either an ONline & OFFline business –
  • Ready to get started on your own business journey –
  • Create an irresistible brand,  
  • Ready to grow a business (and lifestyle) you LOVE
But that’s not all…

As an avid lover of all things health, fitness, wellness and lifestyle, you’ll also find loads of interesting and informative articles, tips & resources for EVERYbody over on the Blog

SO ~ how can I help YOU and YOUR business?

As a reformed DOER of ALL the things, and LEARNER of ALL the lessons (the good, the bad, the useFUL and the totally useLESS) – I’m perfectly positioned to share my knowledge, experience, and diverse and creative skill set, to help other business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, and start-ups who are trying to figure it all out and make their way through the business maze.

In today’s business world you have a few options

1. You COULD go the whole DIY route and try to figure it all out for yourself (but of course that would take loads and loads of precious time away from the work you REALLY want to be doing, and probably not get you the results you REALLY want)!


2. You COULD invest thousands of $$$ into hiring individual experts – a business coach, a web designer, an SEO expert, a content strategist, a graphic designer and a digital marketing expert –


3. You could team up with me to get MORE done in a lot LESS time – AND for a fraction of the cost! Think of me as your Virtual Business Partner / Mentor – from business set up and branding, to website design and marketing strategy, plus a whole lot more!

I offer both Done For You Business Solutions, or you can learn how in the Barefoot Business School. Either way, I’ve totally got your back!

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