I help Dance, Fitness, Health & Wellness Pro’s & Creative Entrepreneurs create and grow a business (and lifestyle) they love!
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Hello there! I’m Cherene…. the creator of Barefoot CEO

I’m a multi-passionate serial Entrepreneur, turned Business, Branding, Creatrix and Marketing consultant/mentor for Dance, Fitness, Health & Wellness professionals and studio owners as well as aspiring entrepreneurs.

On these pages I share everything I know about starting and running a business – from irresistible branding and effective sales and marketing strategies, to graphic design and SO much more… and trust me, with over 30 years in business, and nearly 15 years as a Dance Fitness & Wellness studio owner myself – IT’S A LOT!!!

Welcome to my little corner of the internet!

Here’s what others have to say about working with me

“I have been to a few business start up seminars/workshops and as a counsellor have not found one that I felt fitted with my ethos, and to date, not one could tell me exactly HOW to develop my mission statement or ideal client, let alone guide me a business plan that sat well with my beliefs. That all changed with Cherene’s Passion Project business coaching!

For the first time I received practical tools and tips on what questions to ask myself in order to be able to develop my mission statement and my ideal client. Thanks to Cherene I now have a clear focus on what I am doing, why I am doing it and which client area I want to focus on. This is all delivered in relaxed, friendly atmosphere with a truly passionate and inspiring lady.

– Wendy B (Women’s Counsellor)

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